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Sleep Baby Review- Dyper diapers

Dyper diaper

I just had baby number 4 and while I already had pretty much everything I needed for my new little bundle, there were three baby products that I was excited to try. I also have blog posts for the Owlet, the Snoo.

This is not a sponsored post.

Product #2- Dyper Bamboo Diapers

I used cloth diapers for my first 3 kids. I have the Charlie Banana cloth diapers and while I love them, they didn’t fit any of my kids until they were between 3-5 months old. I chose cloth diapers for environmental reasons. I hate using disposable diapers and the first several months you go through a lot of diapers. When I was pregnant with baby #4 I was so excited to hear about the company Dyper. They make diapers out of bamboo.

What I love about these diapers:

Pretty much everything. Dyper diapers are make from bamboo, which is a sustainable source. These diapers are compostable! Regular disposable diapers do not decompose well in a land fill and “take about 500 years to decompose. About 20 billion disposable diapers are dumped in landfills each year.” [i] I don’t mind washing cloth diapers, but disposable diapers are admittedly easier. Since these diapers are sustainable and don’t have the negative environmental effects of regular disposable diapers, I don’t feel badly about using them. I love these diapers so much, I am considering not switching back to using cloth diapers. If I do switch back, I will continue using Dypers when baby is sleeping and when I am out of town. I am so happy that there is now a better solution for times when you have to use disposable diapers.

Second, many disposable diapers use dyes and toxins in the diaper liners. Dyper doesn’t use any ink, chlorine, latex, perfumes, or phthalates. You don’t have to worry about any yucky ingredients touching your baby’s skin.

Third, these diapers are super soft. I was a little concerned that since there were made with bamboo they would be a little scratchy, but they are not. I had previously used Seventh Generation, Babyganics and Honest Company diapers. Dypers are the softest. My baby has also never gotten a diaper rash when using these diapers. Dypers for the win!

Forth, and this is a big one; they are absorbent and don’t leak. Many of the other disposable diaper brands I have tried have had issues with leaking. I have been using these diapers for over 2 months and there has only been a couple of leaking incidences.

Fifth, they have great customer service. When I signed up for this subscription, I got a free box of diapers. I ended up with too many of the size 1 and when I called to send back one box and get a bigger size I got great customer service. A box of larger diapers arrived at my door 2 days later and they said I could just donate the size 1 box. Great right?

Sixth, the subscriptions model they use is easy and works well. Diapers are $68 a month, which in my opinion, is reasonable. You can request two SOS orders a year if you happen to run out of diapers before your next shipment. You can also pause and resume your subscription at any time.

In case all of those reasons weren’t enough, for all the diaper deliveries Dyper purchases a carbon offset and they offer a 10% discount for veterans and their families.

The only thing that I didn’t like about these diapers was that when I ordered them, they only started as a size small and they didn’t fit my newborn for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, they now also offer a newborn size!

I love love these Dypers. This is a product you can feel good about and as far as I can tell there are no downsides! I will be using these as long as my son is in diapers.

Happy sleeping y’all!

©September, 201 9 by Erin Myrmel at Sleep Baby, LLC

Erin Myrmel

Sleep Baby, LLC


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