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Hi! I'm Erin.  I am a Certified Child Sleep Consultant and Certified Behavior Coach.  Most importantly, I am the mother of 4 young children (ages 9, 7, 4 and 2).  

Sleep info:

I am certified through the Family Sleep Institute, a comprehensive, evidence-based program.  I am trained in a variety of sleep training methods that range from direct to gentle.  I always keep the parent's goals and parenting philosophies in mind when I do my consultations and sleep plans.  Parents are the experts on their own children and I always make plans that parents are going to be comfortable with implementing.  It is the parents that decide which method they want to use.  I use only gentle methods with babies (i.e. no Cry It Out). 


Having children who are great sleepers is life-changing.  That is why I got into this business. I love helping families  see and experience the benefits of great sleep.   

Behavior info:

I am a former first-grade teacher and I love sharing what I know about all things related to parenting.  I am a certified behavior coach through the Early Years certification program ( It was an honor to go through this program and I am so excited to share what I learned with other parents.  There are so many challenging behaviors that come up in childhood: potty training, hitting,  sibling rivalry and the list goes on.  I work with parents to change behaviors using positive parenting techniques that keep the child's dignity and the parent-child relationship intact.  


I am also passionate about nutrition, lactation, and traveling. 


Arguably the biggest challenges parents face involves sleep and negative behaviors.  I am here to help!

Erin Myrmel

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Schedule a free 15 minute phone call

Sleep Services

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Sleep Training Package 

For children 5+ months

*Phone consultation where we talk about the components of healthy sleep and how to accomplish your goals (approximately 1 hour)

* A detailed sleep plan with everything we talked about in the phone call for your to follow.   

* 2 week follow up support period after you start sleep training where I will answer questions, offer encouragement and make adjustments as needed

* No additional cost for twins


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Newborn Package

For expectant parents or parents of a baby 0-4 months old

* Phone consultation (approximately 30-45 minutes) 

* A comprehensive detailed sleep plan with a plethora of information about sleep and caring for a newborn so you can set a healthy foundation for sleep from the beginning. The sleep plan includes info on sleep for baby at the following stages: 0-2 months, 3 months and 4 months and 5 months so you know what to expect and how to adjust at each distinct stage.  


* Up to 7 total follow-up emails for you ask questions after implementing the plan to use until your baby turns 6 months.

*40% off the on the Sleep Training package if you still need to sleep train when your baby turns 6 months


* No additional cost for twins


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Consultation Only

2 year olds +

For families with older children who are good sleepers and have a healthy sleep foundation,  but whom need help with 1 specific sleep challenge such as: transition issues from a crib to a big bed, very late bedtime, bedtime battles etc.

*Phone consultation where we talk about the components of healthy sleep and how to accomplish your goals (approximately 45-60 minutes).

*Includes 5 follow up emails to ask questions after you implement the plan. 


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A Toddler and a Baby
Siblings Package

For families who need help with two children of different ages 

*Phone consultation where we talk about the components of healthy sleep and how to accomplish your goals

(approximately 1-1.5 hours)

* 2 detailed sleep plans

*3 week follow up support period  after you start sleep training where I will answer questions, offer encouragement and make adjustments as needed


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Holding Hands
Returning Clients

*This package is for clients and children that I have already worked with.  If you have additional questions or for a different sleep challenge that comes up after the 2 week follow up period (even if it is months or years after your initial package).  

* 1 or 2 phone calls totaling up to 1 hour


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I do my best to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.  I generally respond within 1 day.  Office hours (when I respond to inquires and do follow up calls/emails with clients) are Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm.   

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Why Get a Behavior Coach?

There are many challenging behaviors that come up during childhood.  Whining, bedtime battles, hitting, and tantrums are just some of the behaviors that parents struggle with. At some point, children will exhibit behaviors that parents want to change. Now what? There are constructive and counterproductive ways to deal with these behaviors. I have been trained in parenting tools that fall under the "positive parenting" umbrella.  This means the tools I teach parents to use keep the child's dignity intact and don't shame, manipulate or coerce. I don't use any kind of rewards systems or punitive punishments.  As a result, strong parent-child relationships stay strong.  I teach parents effective and positive ways to communicate so that when negative behaviors come up, they can deal with them in a constructive and enlightened way. We work together to find solutions so we can be the best parents we can be.  Parenting can be hard and I am here to make it a little easier. 

Behavior Services


Behavior Consultation Services

* Phone consultation: in which I gather information about the behavior challenges you are having.  I will provide parenting tools and ideas to implement in your home to use to change those behaviors.  The consultation is approximately 1 hour.

* A written customized recap with parenting tools and real-life examples with the language you will use to deal with those behaviors you want to change.  This will be your "parenting script."  


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Behavior Coaching



Erin Myrmel




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Reno, NV 89504

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