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This is just a preview of my Agreement so you can look it over prior to booking. 


Sleep Baby, LLC Agreement


This agreement made and entered into effect on __________________, and is between   _______________

________________(“Client”) and Sleep Baby, LLC (“Consultant”). 

This Agreement is for a sleep plan and follow up support for  _            ______________                              (Name of children).

Client’s phone number:_____________________________

Siblings Package

Please initial that you understand and agree to the following:


__________We do not offer refunds for packages not used within 3 months of purchase.  The Client must set up and complete the consultation within 3 months of paying for the package.  

__________We do not offer refunds after the consultation has been completed. 


Details of your Package

Your consultation is scheduled for __________________________

You will begin implementing the sleep plan on _________________________________

Your follow up support will be available until (3 weeks) _________________________

After the consultation is complete the Client must implement the sleep plan within 3 weeks.  If more than 3 weeks have passed and the plan has not been implemented then the Client will need to purchase a new package if they wish to get the 3-week follow up support.


Services Rendered

Consultant and Client will conduct the consultation

□ via phone call

□ Via virtual call using Skype/ Facetime etc

□ in person at a location decided upon by the consultant 

□ at the Client’s home for an additional $75


Terms of Agreement


1) The Consultant will complete a phone/virtual call with the client to discuss the Client’s children and his or her sleep habits/challenges.  The Consultant will educate about healthy and appropriate sleep hygiene.  During the consultation the Client will choose a sleep training method and decide on a date to start sleep training. 


2) After the consultation, the Consultant will provide a sleep plan within 3 business days. The Client agrees to bring up any concerns with the Consultant before implementing the plan and the Client agrees to follow the plan as it is written. 


3) During the 2-week follow up period beginning the day after the plan is implemented the Consultant will answer questions, check in with the Client and offer support and encouragement during office hours.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 9-4.  Emails/phone calls that come in outside of this time frame will be answered the next business day. If the Client has an urgent matter that cannot wait until the next business day the Client agrees to call the Consultant ASAP so they can handle the matter at hand.


4) After the 2-week follow up period, if the Client needs additional support they can purchase a One Day Package, which includes up to 4 emails or two 15-minute phone calls to be used in one day.  This additional support will be charged at a rate of $50 per day.  The One Day Package must be purchased within 7 days of the 2-week follow up period ending and must be used within 7 days of purchase.   


5) The Client agrees to follow all recommendations about safe sleep practices given by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The Client has seen the photo provided in the intake form by the Consultant that shows what safe sleep looks like and agrees to practice safe sleep.  A copy of that photograph is attached hereto. The Consultant reserves the right to terminate the Agreement if the Client breaches any of the terms of this Agreement.


6) The Client agrees to make every effort to implement and follow the plan as it is laid out.  Being consistent is critical to the success of improving the child’s sleep.

a.  The Client understands that it is their responsibility to give updates to the Consultant and their responsibility to contact the Consultant when questions, concerns or any issues arise.

b. The Consultant will be available to answer emails/phone calls during office hours

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