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Child Behavior Information

There are many challenging behaviors that come up during childhood.  Whining, bedtime battles, hitting, tantrums etc are some of the behaviors that parents struggle with. At some point, children will exhibit behaviors that parents want to change. Now what? There are ways to deal with these behaviors in ways that are effective and positive. I have been trained in parenting tools that fall under the "positive parenting" umbrella.  This means the tools I teach parents to use, keep the child's dignity intact and don't shame, manipulate or coerce. I don't use any kind of rewards systems or punitive punishments.   Because punitive punishments are not used, positive parenting tools when used regularly will facilitate a strong relationship between the parent and child.  I teach parents effective and positive ways to communicate so that when negative behaviors come up, they can deal with them in a constructive and enlightened way. We work together to find solutions so we can be the best parents we can be.  Parenting can be hard and I am here to make it a little easier and more enjoyable.   

Behavior Phone Consultation

* Phone consultation to gather information about the behavior challenges you are having as well as providing the parenting tools to use to change those behaviors  (approximately 1 hour).

* A detailed written customized recap with parenting tools and real-life examples with the language you will use to deal with those behaviors you want to change.  This will be your "parenting script."  


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